Our long term goal is to improve and expand our expertise.

Civil Law

  • contract law
  • property law
  • inheritance law

Family Law

  • divorce and separation

Corporate Law

  • the creation and registration of partnerships and companies
  • subjective transformation
  • increase or reduction of share capital
  • redemption of shares / stocks
  • preparing the market shares / stocks
  • ongoing advice to heads of companies
  • servicing of meetings of company heads
  • support meetings of shareholders / general meetings, including public companies
  • preparation of the regulations of the organizational bodies of companies
  • managerial contracts
  • ongoing support

Mergers and acquisitions (M & A)

  • subjective transformations
  • mergers and divisions
  • liquidation
  • property transactions
  • preparing and negotiating contracts
  • due diligence
  • advice on employment matters

Companies and stock market law, securities law

  • IPO
  • preparation of legal prospectuses
  • handling the issue of shares of public companies
  • support for general meetings
  • bills of exchange
  • trading in securities

Economic Agreements

  • Sales
  • construction works
  • investment and replacement investment
  • the provision of services
  • Distribution
  • Rental
  • Leasing
  • Credit
  • other unnamed

Advising on real estate and investment

  • legal services for real estate
  • real estate due diligence
  • preparation and negotiation of investment agreements
  • preparation of development agreements
  • legal services and supervision of investment processes
  • legal services and the construction and rental of commercial and office space

Public Procurement Law

  • preparation or verification of legal tender
  • legal supervision by the client of the tendering procedure
  • preparing and submitting appeals to the KIO
  • preparing and submitting complaints to the common law courts
  • preparation or verification of the terms of reference (standard contracts) for the client
  • legal verification of submitted bids
  • legal supervision of tendering procedure
  • legal opinions
  • representation before the KIO and the common law court

Copyright and Press Releases

  • agreements on the transfer of property rights
  • license agreements
  • know-how agreement
  • legal opinions
  • representation in negotiations and litigation

Competition law and antitrust law

  • preparation or verification of legal agreements
  • verification of compliance of contractual provisions and restructuring processes in compliance with European law
  • preparation of legal opinions
  • representation in mediation and litigation and before administrative bodies

Labour Law

  • participation in the creation of collective agreements and work regulations
  • participation in the creation of regulations of social benefits, loans
  • participation in the creation of rules governing the system of remuneration and bonus
  • participation in the creation of agreements relating to collective redundancies
  • review documents for compliance with labor law and European Union standards
  • preparation of legal opinions
  • representation in labor disputes

Legal audits (due diligence)

  • real Estate
  • enterprises and companies
  • Legal verification of audits

Dispute Resolution

  • mediation
  • arbitration
  • judicial and administrative proceedings

The firm prepares training in the area of their specializations, taking into consideration the individual needs of the client. For example, we have run the training and lectures for the heads of companies, executives and employees. The most interesting training and lectures, which are run, may include among other things:

  • The lecture: "Raising capital for business development", which is concerned with the scope of the WSE and NewConnect
  • training for managers of international business corporations in the field of antitrust and unfair competition law
  • training for legal security in the implementation of investment and construction processes
  • training for heads of companies in the field of corporate law