Principles of cooperation

The firm offers flexible terms of cooperation with the client, depending on the needs and expectations of the client, as well as the nature of the case.

Basically the firm uses the following options for financial settlements with clients:

  • The salary, as a fixed monthly lump sum, as the quotient of the predetermined number of hours worked for the client and jointly agreed rate per hour of work. Depending on the client's expectations and the scope of the matters dealt with as a consequence, the lump sum amount is determined individually
  • the base salary of the mutually agreed hourly rate, varied depending on those persons of the firm who shall perform the work, whether a legal advisor, legal advisor trainee, or a lawyer. In this situation, the firm prepares a monthly summary of activities performed for a particular month, and shall forward a report to the client for his or her approval
  • the remuneration is determined for each given order
  • remuneration considering procedural and enforcement matters shall be determined individually based on the general legal principles concerning the remuneration of legal advisors, regulated by the relevant provisions. Salary is dependent on the value of the dispute and the complexity of the case.

Of course it is possible to modify the above proposals, but this is dependent on the individual needs of the client.

Each client is taken care of usually by at least two lawyers, always one of them a legal advisor and a legal advisor trainee or an experienced lawyer. This system allows us to serve the client on a permanent basis and for each client request, ensuring complete and professional services by lawyers who specialize in the field of law, which at a given moment is in the interest of the client.

We are a team of lawyers, possessing knowledge in various fields of law, and if necessary, multidisciplinary teams are set up, including specialists and experts in various fields, including: tax consultants, notaries, expert patent attorneys, experts, and sworn translators.

We have contacts with foreign law firms.